6 reasons you must invite professionals to clean your carpet regularly

Most people think that a vacuum clean is enough to ensure a clean carpet. Worse is that several others don’t even know how to vacuum clean rightfully. The result is that many end up living in an unhygienic environment with mites, dust, and allergies that they never can guess are caused by the awful dirty look of their carpet. Not everyone lives like this. A few wise ones try and steam their carpets by themselves, but the bad news is that you cannot thoroughly clean a carpet on your own. Only a professional can rightfully and efficiently steam and lift dust and grit from deep within your carpet. Here are reasons why you must clean your carpet regularly and by the use of a professional.


To prevents the buildup of bacteria.

When you vacuum clean, not all the dust trapped in your carpet gets removed. Vacuum cleaning should only be done once or twice a week as a maintenance method and not as a full carpet cleaning carpet cleaning routine. If a carpet is not fully cleaned, over time contaminants such as bedbugs, mites and all forms of bacteria will enter and live in your carpet. Depending on the purpose and location of the carpet, a carpet should be cleaned twice or once each year.


Creates good indoor air quality.

During professional cleaning, a procedure called Deodorization is carried out to ensure that bad odors are removed from a carpet creating a fresh smelling environment.


Eliminate spots and stains.

Stains are unavoidable especially in a home with kids. Sometimes, vacuuming fails to remove certain stains from spills of drinks, food, kids painting colors or from Mummy’s nail polish spills. A good professional deep carpet cleaning is the only solution.


Restore carpet’s color/appearance

It is important to make a good carpet choice when purchasing your carpet. Usually, carpets made out of natural materials like wool last longer, look nicer and are easier to clean as compared to those made out of synthetics like nylon. However, no matter the type of carpet you own, a thorough cleaning can restore the look of your carpet to that of a brand new one. If you will host a function at your house but are worried about the look of your carpet, the wise idea is to call a cleaning service to enhance your carpets look.


Increase carpets life expectancy

Whenever a carpet crosses another year without steaming, its life expectancy lowers. What shortens a carpet’s life expectancy the most is accumulated dust, soil, grit, and stains. It’s through these that mites and other bacteria work their way into the carpet, slowly eating it away.


Save you time and money

When you consider the costs of a new carpet and the furnishing fees involved, it is wiser to pay for cleaning as it will save you more money. It also saves you time to hire a professional cleaner because even after spending hours trying to clean your carpet, steaming the carpet yourself can never completely clean it. Only professional carpet cleaning carpet cleaning have the right equipment and chemicals to clean your carpet fully.