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5 Reasons You Need Carpetcleaning Regularly

November 11, 2016


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Carpetcleaning – A Necessary Cleaning Task

Carpetcleaning is one of those household cleaning tasks that most people don’t think about- and do- often. It’s sometimes put off until the very last minute (i.e. when the carpet has become so filthy that it starts to affect the health of family members and pets), and even then, it’s not even done particularly well. For lots of homeowners, cleaning a carpet merely involves running a vacuum cleaner over it a few times.


What’s In Your Dirty Carpet

A dirty carpet can contain:

  • Dirt up to four times its weight
  • Bacteria (e.g. salmonella, listeria, and others)
  • Fur and dander from pets
  • Dust mites
  • Other volatile organic materials


Unfortunately, most of these things can’t be removed through vacuum cleaning alone. This is where the pros come in. Professional carpet cleaning services thoroughly rids your carpet of these harmful stuff, so that it can be hygienic as possible and maintain its quality for longer. 



Top Reasons Why Your Carpet Needs Regular Professional CarpetCleaning



1. A Healthier Environment for You and Your Family

Pollen, dirt, dust, pet fur, organic and inorganic air pollutants- these are just some of the things that can get caught in the fibers of your carpet. These things are also known to trigger allergies and exacerbate asthma and other respiratory problems. The dirtier your carpet is, the more of a health hazard it is. 

2. Prevents Unpleasant Odours

A dirty carpet has a very unpleasant odour that is hard to eliminate through superficial cleaning alone. Spilled food and drink, pet urine, mud- these can just further strengthen the unpleasant smell. It’s best to let professionals clean your carpet on a regular basis to keep it scent-free.

3. Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Carpet

A carpet is an investment- it enhances the look of a room and adds a whole lot of aesthetic value to it. Expensive carpets that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars aren’t unheard of. This is why they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained so that they will last longer. Dirt that collects on the carpet makes it more susceptible to damage; and the longer that dirt is stuck to it, the more it requires rough and vigorous carpetcleaning (which can fray and degrade the fibers) to remove it from the carpet. 

4. Improve or Recover Its Appearance

Mud and dirt that gets caked on the surface of a carpet can grey out the colours as well as make it look ancient and worn out. It might have exquisite designs and vibrant colours when it was brand new, but now the colours seem to have faded away and the designs are unrecognizable. But fear not, a thorough professional carpetcleaning can restore the look and vibrancy of your carpet. 

5. Prolongs the Carpet Warranty

Carpet warranties usually require that the carpets undergo carpetcleaning using the extraction method within a specific timeframe. If not followed, the warranty can be void. 

Why Trust Impressive CarpetCleaning

Impressive Carpet Cleaning uses only the best carpet cleaning techniques and materials available. Their expertise in carpetcleaning comes from years of field experience, and their staff will ensure that your carpet will be handled with the utmost care and serviced with diligence.