The Power Home Carpet Cleaning Professional



A home carpet cleaning services provider is the best resource when you think of getting rid of the unpleasant things on your carpet. A dirty carpet plays host to bacteria, mould, dust mites or even fleas. Dirt is also a disturbing nuisance when on your carpet. Even for pet owners with well-trained animals, sometimes the pet accidentally poops or urinates at the hidden corners of your living room. Let’s also not forget the unsavoury mix that results from crumbs and dust from day-to-day life activities taking place in your home. Though vacuuming will eliminate most of the everyday messes, we recommend that you engage the services of professional cleaners such as our firm, Impressive Carpet Cleaning.


Though people mistakenly worry that mould will grow onto or under the carpet if moisture comes in contact with the carpet during cleaning, this is wrong because a carpet only takes about 24-48 hours to dry after being cleaned. Suffice to say, this period is too short for mould to grow.



Facts About Our Home Carpet Cleaning Services


  • Every day, tens of households engage us for carpet cleaning
  • We schedule convenient appointments with you
  • Our firm has highly trained and skilled technicians
  • Our pricing is straightforward; there are no hidden costs
  • We do not apply destructive brighteners on your carpet


Why Choose Impressive Carpet Cleaning?


Impressive Carpet Cleaning has an unparalleled carpet cleaning system which not only removes dirt but also restores carpets to their former sleek state. Our cleaning processes are guided by effective procedures that have been recommended by leading carpet manufacturers.


Ways We Can Help You Keep You Carpet Clean


Use of healthy cleaning detergents or chemicals


We focus on giving your carpets a longer-lasting, deeper and healthier clean look without having to use harsh detergents or chemicals. Through the use of the natural cleaning abilities of carbonation, our cleaners are able to lift dirt from deep surfaces of your carpet, resulting to a cleaner and longer-lasting carpet. In addition to this, our processes use a little amount of water and we dry your carpet as soon as possible to prevent mould from growing. 


We clean your rugs too


Most people tend to match their carpets with beautiful rugs. We can clean your rugs too and dry them using processes that preserve the dyes within their fibres. This leaves them looking bright, clean and appearing like new.


We Remove Odour from Pet Urine


At Impressive Carpet Cleaning, we appreciate the crucial role that pets play in our families. However, your beloved furry friend can sometimes make a mess on your carpet. Our cleaning specialists are well-equipped with the techniques and tools needed to find and eliminate spots or odour from pet urine. They do this by:

A. Locating the affected spot on the carpet

B. Examining the extent of the problem and applying pet urine removal chemicals
We do not simply mask the source of the odour by applying perfume.


Parting Shot…


A dirty or smelly carpet makes your stay at home uncomfortable. It’s a complete turnoff to visiting relatives or guests. Using our home carpet cleaning services will eliminate this mess from your carpet and leave it looking fresh.