How to Clean a Carpet with an Efficient Steam Cleaning Professional

Do you often find yourself struggling to maintain the appeal of your carpet or always searching for a professional who knows how to clean a carpet in Brisbane, Bayside and Gold Coast? Well, you are not alone.

Thousands of people in Brisbane find it difficult to maintain the longevity and appeal of their carpets. This is because they do not have the proper knowledge on how to care for their carpets or they find themselves hiring the same old and unqualified carpet cleaners to help them out.

At Impressive Carpet Cleaning, our professionals employ the most advanced steam cleaning technique that reaches out deep down in your carpet and ensures every fibre is rinsed well. Through this carpet cleaning method, abrasive soil, allergens, and odours, are all removed leaving you with a carpet that is clean and fresh.

Cleaning your carpet regularly helps in maintaining its original lustre and goes a long way in enhancing the quality of your indoor environment.

How to clean a carpet with techniques that work

Our carpet cleaning method uses hot water extraction to clean and remove stains from your carpet. We have truck-mounted equipment and high powered cleaning systems that provide a powerful yet gentle way to clean your carpet. We do not push a lot of equipment into your home, only the hose and cleaning wand, the rest remains outside.

The soil and other debris we remove from your carpet is carefully deposited into a waste tank that is part of our truck. Our team of technicians use a high pH cleaning solution to completely neutralise carpet odours as well as release the stubborn stains in your carpet. Whether you accidentally spilled coffee, wine, or your pet stained the carpet with urine, our steam cleaning and spot treatment exercise will give you a fresh clean that you can feel, see, and even smell.

Restorative Cleaning

The combination of our experienced steam cleaning team and the range of modern equipment that we use, means you can be sure that we will do a great job of cleaning your carpets.

Drying Time

Steam cleaned carpets take only a couple of hours to dry.

Trust us on how to clean a carpet

You can trust in the quality of our services, for your upholstery, carpets, tiles and rugs.


All the solutions we use are hypoallergenic which means your safety and that of your family is assured. Remember, your carpet is one of the major cost items in your home and as such you need to maintain it to get value for money. Don’t let the splash and dash brigade make you an easy carpet cleaning target.

At Impressive Carpet Cleaning, our team are trained in the best carpet cleaning techniques and from the word go, you know exactly what to expect with no hidden costs. If you are looking for a great carpet cleaning solution and great service on how to clean a carpet, talk to us today!