Impressive is the Best Upholstery Cleaning Company Service

Upholstery cleaning done right by  upholstery cleaning company

Impressive Carpet Cleaning is an innovative upholstery cleaning company with an able team of cleaning technicians who take care of all your fabric types. Knowing the intensity of cleaning required, we have developed some of the best deep cleaning processes to ensure that your Beenleigh, Logan, Edens Landing, or Springwood home furnishings get the best service.



Much like your carpeting, furniture also gives character and comfort to the interior of your home. Over time, your furniture gets dirty and this is why you should have it cleaned, deodorised, and refreshed. We have a proven cleaning process that extracts grime, dirt, as well as any cleaning solution left over in your fabric. Our fibre rinse is pH balancing which is important for the longevity of your upholstery.



Upholstery Cleaning Company Services



Before anything, our professional staffs will inspect the furnishings you want cleaned so as to first determine the best approach to use in treating the stains and dirt. Thereafter, using our sophisticated equipment, we perform the deep cleaning process.



Step 1 – We apply a heated cleaning solution which helps in loosening and lifting all the embedded dirt and grime. The solution is environmentally friendly and mild enough not to hurt your upholstery fibres.



Step 2 – After all the dirt has been loosened and lifted off the surface, we use a fibre rinse and extraction technique to flush out and completely remove any traces of dirt as well as remnants of the original cleaning solution.


As an option in the cleaning process, we advise our customers in Beenleigh, Logan, Edens Landing, and Springwood to get protectors which safeguard their furniture as we do the cleaning. This prolongs the freshness of the furniture pieces and extend their useful life.


Why Choose Us for Your Upholstery Cleaning


If you want your home to look great, you should prioritise cleaning and protecting your furniture. You have every reason to shop around for the best upholstery cleaning company, but once you come to Impressive Carpet Cleaning, you will notice the difference.



  • Our professional technicians understand how to handle the different types of upholstery materials from the mist delicate to the commonplace.


  • The cleaning techniques we use are successful and among the most innovative in the carpet and upholstery industry.


  • Our key emphasis throughout the cleaning process is on stubborn and problematic stains and spots. We try as much as we can to lift these stains and where they are deeply set, we use lighteners.


  • Instead of waiting for days on end for your furniture to dry, we have devised a quick drying treatment which allows you to use your furniture quickly after the cleaning process.


  • We give free estimates on upholstery cleaning costs so that you can have in your record beforehand what the process will cost you.



Upholstery Protection and Deodorisation



Usually, when you buy furniture, it comes with a fabric protector. This is an important line of defense because it protects your furniture against normal wear and stains. However, over time, it wears off hence the need for it to be reapplied. In addition to the cleaning, we can help you add new upholstery protector to help maintain the colour, beauty, and vibrancy of the furniture.



Additionally, we have powerful deodorising products which can treat your furniture and eliminate the unpleasant odours caused by substances such as sour milk, pet urine, and others. We are an upholstery cleaning company that believes in customer satisfaction through excellence in service delivery. Contact us now for a quote.