Impressive by Name and Nature

We aim to please; our name isn’t Lacklustre Carpet Cleaning after all! With our company, get peace of mind that the best job is being done not just this time, but every time. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Bayside or the Gold Coast we can reach you and we can please you!

Impressive Carpet Cleaning and Pest Solutions offers a complete range of services designed to get anything you stand or sit on in your home sparkling. With state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services performed by well-trained and friendly experts, there’s no way you won’t be satisfied. Who can frown when their carpet looks brand new? We also offer gentle, thorough rug cleaning that will leave your design sparkling with no damage done.

For all of life’s emergencies

No matter the emergency, our team have you covered. Have grandma’s furniture looking as good as the day the carpenter finished it with our comprehensive upholstery cleaning service. We can remove dirt and dust from leather and fabric, keeping you healthy and restoring your furniture to its former glory.

Or are you flooded? No need to panic! Impressive Carpet Cleaning offers round-the-clock responses to floods – because they never come at a convenient time. We know flooding itself is stressful enough, don’t make it worse by having to coordinate multiple cleaning services. Impressive Carpet Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for flood response. We have the right equipment to minimise damage to your property, saving you from rotting wood, rusted metal and mouldy carpets.

Maybe the problem isn’t in your carpet, it’s in your floors and walls. We can remove the most resilient of pests including cockroaches, spiders and rats. The old adage is for every one you see there are hundreds you can’t, so at the first sign of nibbled groceries or insect faeces don’t delay. Call the professionals and nip your pest problems in the bud.

Whatever the issue, we are eager to help. Our professional team will be all smiles and all business from the moment they walk in your door. With nearly four decades of experience cleaning, eradicating and restoring people’s homes, Impressive Carpet Cleaning is your destination for solving anything squeaking, squelching or scuttling in or under your floors.