Pest Control

There comes a time when you have to consider hiring the services of a good pest control company. When your house seems like a haven for pests like cockroaches, this can drive you crazy. The truth of the matter is that such pests are really hard to eradicate on your own.

When you have done all you know to do, there is no need to panic; just call in the experts. Luckily for you, there is an excellent pest control service Impressive Carpet Cleaning and Pest Solutions.

Vermin control the right way

If you have a pest problem don’t spend time trying to tackle it yourself, we can get rid of your pests today with our safe, reliable techniques.

Our company has been in the industry for more than 35 years. Indeed, this is a seasoned service that will tackle all your pest problems problems.

Pest controlIn addition to the wealth of experience they bring to the table, there are many other reasons why choosing this company is beneficial.

No matter how clean your home is, there are pests that simply won’t go away. A good example is cockroach infestation.

The reason why it is so hard to eliminate these pests is that they multiply alarmingly fast; they also survive in most conditions.

You can only do so much; and there comes a time when hiring professionals is the only way out. If you have a pest issue, below are good reasons why this service is the right choice for you.

Impressive Carpet Cleaning and Pest Solutions offers top notch services. The quality is impressive, to say the least.

When you have an issue with pests, this service will do a thorough analysis to find out which pests are bugging you.

What you can expect as your Pest Control solution

Upon confirming the offending pests, a plan for execution will be put in place to eradicate the problem. Therefore, we have knowledgeable technicians who are highly experienced to give you quality services.

In addition, the tools and products used to eliminate pests are of high quality for effective results.

An invasion by pests in your home is something you should never take lightly. All manner of these invaders can cause disease and allergies. Your family members and pets deserve a home that is safe and conducive to healthy living.

We have been working with many families for years to provide that secure home. They will assist you in the following ways;

  • Once you contact the company, they will assess your problem and find out what type of pest is bothering you. Some people confuse bed bugs for fleas. To this end, this company will use its expertise to determine the offending pest.
  • This company will then tailor a suitable solution to meet your pest control needs. Therefore, you can look forward to a fully customized service.
  • This company utilizes tools, equipment, and products that are friendly and natural to eliminate the vermin. You do not have to worry about your home being laced with toxins; they destroy the pests while maintaining the integrity of your home.
  • It really does not matter what bug is bugging you. They eradicate a wide variety of pests including cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, rats; among others. Therefore, this is a one-stop pest service.
  • The company also works to effectively remove your pest issue. In this respect, you do not have to worry about the pest coming back in a few months. They also go a step further to give you effective tips to prevent the problem from recurring.

Biodegradable products

This company uses biodegradable products to eliminate your pest problem. There are no harmful substances or chemicals used in your house. To this end, you do not have to leave your house when the operation is going on. Furthermore, this company adheres to high standards as recommended by Australian provisions.

In light of this, you will enjoy pest control services that will leave you and your family safe and happy.


A female cockroach can give birth to over 300 offspring, and cockroaches can hide in the tiniest cracks, going without food for up to three months.

Even if you’ve only seen a few cockroaches around, you could have a very bad infestation which could have a serious impact on your health.


AntNot only can ants sting and bite, but they can also spread disease. There are over 1300 species of ants in Australia alone, meaning ants are an ongoing serious problem.

Make sure you’re not in danger – and at the very least keep them out of your pantry – with a rigorous pest control program tailored to your home.


SpiderThere are many different species of spiders in Australia, and while most are just a nuisance, some are extremely poisonous and even fatal.

Because spiders do not congregate in one place, they can be a hard pest to control by yourself.

It can be hard to get rid of them with commercial sprays and bait, so call the experts and get them all.


SilverfishSilverfish like warm, moist areas and females can lay up to 60 eggs at a time. They like to eat through the fabric, and can quickly ruin clothes.

They also have a relatively long lifespan of up to four years.


fleaFleas can be some of the hardest pests to get rid of due to their three-month cycle. They feed on both pets and humans.

Flea bites can be itchy and painful, and they can also spread parasites and disease.

Rats and Mice

RodentRats and mice they cause extensive damage to property and can squeeze through the smallest of openings in your house.

They breed continuously, and once they’re in your warm house with a food source they can be very hard to get rid of. They can also spread sickness and disease to humans.

Outstanding Pest Control customer service for Brisbane, Logan, and the Gold Coast.

When you contact the company with a pest problem, the friendly staff will only be too eager to guide you. The drivers and technicians are uniformed, certified and licensed to give you exceptional services all the way.

Therefore, if you have seen a roach too many times roaming around your house, do not ignore it. In fact, getting help early will help prevent a full-blown infestation by pests.

From ants to mice and spiders, feel free to contact the company; because we have the expertise of dealing with a wide array of pests.

Your home is the most precious retreat and dirt and pests can threaten the peace. In this respect, always give your family what they deserve by providing that clean, pest-free homely environment.

Our pest control service will definitely hold your hand along the way.

We are ready to help you! And after your pests are gone, call us for a thorough  carpet clean or upholstery clean. It’ll be like they were never there!