Rug Cleaning Gold Coast

The Go-To Rug Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast Company. As a locally owned and operated rug & carpet cleaning Gold Coast company, Impressive Carpet Cleaning has made a name for itself thanks to its huge investment in cleaning systems and facilities. Irrespective of the fragility of your carpet and rugs, our specialised rug cleaning processes will deliver a thorough cleaning without shrinking or warping.

Rug Cleaning Gold CoastOur technicians are highly trained and can beat out any soil ground in your carpets and rugs using our state-of-the-art cleaning systems. To bring them in line with the demands of the industry, we re-train them regularly on the various aspects of carpet cleaning and usage of the latest technologies.

Additionally, we update their interpersonal skills and background checks to ensure the experts we send your way have full endorsement of ethics and skill from us.

On-Site Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpets and rugs are such beautiful pieces of art that express our cultural identity and heritage. They carry with them immense sentimental and monetary value. When properly cared for, rugs and carpets can last for centuries as they are handed down from one generation to the other. At Impressive Carpet Cleaning, we not only hold this dear, but we go ahead to offer robust on-site carpet cleaning solutions.

With our customised on-site cleaning, we save you the hassle of taking your carpets and rugs to the cleaners. We use the same cleaning technologies and as such you don’t miss a thing by having our experts clean your rugs in-house. Our rug & carpet cleaning Gold Coast experts will first inspect your premises before suggesting the cleaning approach that will give you the best results.

Our Steam Extraction Method

Steam cleaning a rug

While the rest of the rug cleaning methods are classified as light-surface cleaning, steam extraction is categorised as deep cleaning because it can remove deep-seated dirt and soil from your carpet fibers. As a matter of fact, carpet fiber producers and carpet manufacturers recommend steam extraction as the choicest carpet and rig cleaning method.

Simply explained, this cleaning process involves spraying over solution of detergent and water into your carpet pile and thereafter recovering the soil and water with a powerful vacuum connected to a holding tank. Depending on the scale of cleaning, we can do this right from inside your home or outside through a truck-mounted unit.

Most homeowners in Gold Coast prefer the truck-mounted system because it exhausts the dirty air and humidity outside your home and reduces the chances of dirt recirculation around your house.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

In as much as homeowners want to save that extra dollar by cleaning their Gold Coast carpets and rugs themselves, we recommend professional carpet cleaning. This is because from experience, we have seen Do-It-Yourself cleaning to be inefficient and commonly associated with defects such as fiber tip damage, overwetting, yellowing, and even severe resoiling.

The rental units used in this type of cleaning may not adequately rid your carpets of dirt and can potentially damage them. Do not wait until your carpet becomes too unsightly because this may make the cleaning exercise much difficult and costly for you.

If 12 months have elapsed since your carpet was last cleaned, we recommend you get in touch with our rug & carpet cleaning Gold Coast company today.